Welcome To Transylvania, Romania, European Union

Welcome to Transylvania, Romania


Transylvania Beyond is the regional brand of Transylvania

The online platform will cover topics such as: Holidays in Transylvania, Invest in Transylvania, Startups in Transylvania, Study in Transylvania, Jobs in Transylvania, Homes in Transylvania, Healthcare in Transylvania, Festivals in Transylvania, Produced in Transylvania.


Transylvania Beyond is inspired by the centuries-old name of the region: "trans-silva" means "beyond the forest" in Latin. In Modern times, Transylvania has always been positioned somewhere between myth and reality. "Transylvania Beyond" aims to tell the world the story "beyond the myth" of the world's most mysterious and fascinating region.

Created by Transylvania Regional Board

A cluster of institutions, companies and organizations interested to promote the Transylvanian region as a destination for tourists, businesses, students and professionals interested to relocate to the most exciting corner of the European Union.