Welcome To Transylvania, Romania, European Union

What is ‘Transylvania Beyond’?

Transylvania Beyond is the first regional brand of Transylvania, Romania. It is short from “Transylvania - The Land Beyond The Forest”, the literal translation of the name Transylvania from Latin.

The most well known region in Eastern Europe finally has a regional brand and a marketing strategy handled by a team of top marketing professionals. The brand was created pro-bono by the Transylvanian branding & innovation consultancy Heraldist & Wondermarks and received support from major companies, public institutions and NGOs.

What IS ‘We have a plan’?

We have a plan was the first marketing campaign from Transylvania Beyond. It aimed to address British entrepreneurs unhappy with the Brexit, who might consider establishing a business in Transylvania or opening a branch here.

How was the campaign received?

The campaign was featured in The Guardian, Business Insider, Stern, Radio France Internationale, and news portals from all over the continent, from Finland to the Czech Republic. The campaign was covered by the most important media companies in Romania: Stirile Pro TV, Stirile Digi24, Realitatea TV, Adevarul, Mediafax, Republica, Ziarul Financiar, EVZ, Hotnews, Pressone, Wall Street.

How many people have seen the campaign?

More than 100.000 people have visited the website and 250.000 the Facebook page in the first week after launch. Millions of people across Europe have read about this initiative and millions of Romanians have seen it on the TV news.

What was the response from the UK?

We received more than 400 emails from British citizens in the first week after launch. Most of them asked for more details on how to relocate their business to Romania, open a startup in Cluj, invest in a vacation home in Transylvania or move here with their family.

If we want to sustain their interest in Transylvania and attract visitors from other countries, we will need to have an online marketing budget that can allow us to continue to target millions of people.

What do you actually do to help these people?

We’re aggregating a database of useful contacts and resources to help them find more information on the specific topic they’re interested in and we redirect them to relevant contacts.

We have created a network of service providers in Cluj, Transylvania, who can help them open a business here. We answer their questions online, we schedule video conferences and we will organize business trips for those of them who decide to visit Cluj and invest in Transylvania.

We have hired a Brand Manager to lead the Transylvania Beyond project, assist potential investors and connect them with relevant institutions, companies or NGOs.

Who offered to support the campaign?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and The City of Alba Iulia on the institutional side. Ursus and Aegon already sponsor the campaign and many other companies offered their help. We have also received assistance from various NGOs and individuals interested to help their region and extend the project to other major cities in Transylvania.

What is ‘Transylvania Tourist Board’

The idea for a Transylvanian Tourist Board is an idea born soon after the We have a plan campaign was launched. It will be organized as a confederation of private and public organizations interested in promoting Transylvania as a destination. It will have the role of an advisory board that will guide the marketing of the region.

What is the business model?

Heraldist & Wondermarks is committed to continue to create outstanding advertising campaigns and marketing strategies for Transylvania for free, forever.

We invite partners from the private and public sectors who are passionate about promoting this region to join us in our efforts to promote Transylvania around the world. Relevant companies that decide to invest in promoting the region will be featured as Official Partners. Partners who want to promote their own brand on the platform will be featured as Recommended Providers. The Official Partners are exclusive: there can only be one official partner from each industry. The Recommended Providers are non-exclusive: there can be more than one provider featured from each industry.

Heraldist & Wondermarks will enjoy the same benefits as any other official partner but - as creators of the brand - the company will enjoy the status of exclusive provider for the industries where Heraldist & Wondermarks developed a strong expertise, such as marketing consultancy.

What is the medium term plan?

The medium term plan covers 9 months and will see the project transforming from an ad campaign into a true regional brand and transforming the current website into a complex online platform. The 9 months period starts October 2016 and ends June 2017.


"Transylvania Beyond" will be the new brand of Transylvania. In advertising, we will use several formulas, such as "Transylvania - The Land Beyond The Myth", "Transylvania - The Land Beyond The Forest", "Transylvania - Beyond Awesome", "Transylvania - Beyond Words" or other similar slogans that must include the words "Transylvania" and "Beyond".

The regional brand will start with 9, equally-important platforms, that will be represented in the new website and all the online activities, as well as in the brand's offline activities. The 9 platforms are:

1. Invest in Transylvania

Continue to create online campaigns to attract investors, mainly from German-speaking countries, UK, Netherlands, Nordics, Gulf Countries and US.

2. Startups in Transylvania

Persuade entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley to build their products here and people from major EU cities to start a business here using EU funds

3. Jobs in Transylvania

Persuade senior IT professionals from countries situated East of Romania (such as Moldova, Russia, India, Phillipines) to apply for jobs in Transylvania

4. Study in Transylvania

Persuade foreign students to enroll in universities in Transylvania

5. Homes in Transylvania

Persuade more people from the EU and Gulf region to buy a vacation house in Transylvania

6. Holidays in Transylvania

Persuade more tourists from the EU, US, Gulf and Asia to visit Transylvania

7. Healthcare in Transylvania

Persuade more people from the EU, Gulf and US to come to Transylvania as a medical tourism destination

8. Festivals in Transylvania

Persuade young people from the EU to come to Transylvania for the major festivals (such as Untold, Electric Castle, TIFF)

9. Created in Transylvania

Persuade Europeans and Americans to try authentic 'Made in Transylvania' products and experiences


And an extra objective that we take very seriously: improve the creative skills of the Transylvanian youth in order to transform the regional economy and help Transylvania grow into a major regional economy with a preeminent role in Eastern Europe.





Both our Official Partners and Recommended Providers are allowed to create their own brand page on transylvaniabeyond.com. For example, the brand Ursus will create ursus.transylvaniabeyond.com and will be able to design that page in any way the marketing team considers to be useful for the brand. The brand will be able to promote their page through online and offline marketing campaigns. Moreover, Ursus will also be featured in relevant sections, such as 'Created in Transylvania'.



The good news is that the brand will receive traffic not only from the online campaign but they will get a share of the traffic brought by all the other partners and providers that have their own page on transylvaniabeyond.com. For example, let's say Ursus decided to invest in creating an online campaign to bring traffic on ursus.transylvaniabeyond.com - where they can tell the story of the most famous beer brand born in Transylvania. Apart from the traffic brought by this campaign, the page will also get a lot of traffic from people who visit transylvaniabeyond.com from other online campaigns created by other partners, such as a travel agency. People check the agency's tourist offers on the agency's page but some of them will be curious to learn more about Transylvania, therefore they might end up on the 'Created in Transylvania' section and then on the Ursus page.

When everybody understands the importance of investing in the marketing of the region, everybody wins.



In order to create a pool of serious partners who are committed to help us create a major regional brand, we will set a minimum threshold of 1000 euro per month for each official partner and recommended provider, that the brands need to invest in promoting their brand's presence on transylvaniabeyond.com


Unlike recommended providers, our official partners also need to contribute an extra 1500 euro per month to a budget that helps us

A. cover basic costs of the platform, such as project management or technical costs

B. provide a marketing budget to help us promote Transylvania Beyond online and offline



Apart from the standard partnership deals, any brand can work with Heraldist & Wondermarks to create a special project.

For example, let's say you are an IT company and your objective is to use Transylvania Beyond as an opportunity to attract IT professionals interested to apply to your company, we can set up The Tech Embassy of Transylvania in Bangalore: we will rent an office in the heart of the leading Indian tech hub, we will send a representative there to recruit specialists for the IT company and we'll launch an online creative campaign targeted on IT professionals located in Bangalore.

What is your vision?


We want to be the generation that will change Transylvania.
We want to be the generation that will change Romania.

There are many ways to do that. One of them is by building strong regional brands that can attract investors, tourists or students. We want Transylvania to become one of the most prosperous regions in Eastern Europe and the economic powerhouse of Romania. We want Transylvania to be a land where diversity is embraced and cherished. We want to start this transformation from Cluj.

It is up to us to fix the economy, to change the way we manage our cities and how we educate our children. It is in our power to turn Romania into the #1 tech hub in Eastern Europe as well as build a fantastic touristic infrastructure while protecting Europe’s last virgin forests, wildlife and ancient ways of life. We need to fix all these things and we need to do it fast. 5 years is fast enough.

Do you want your children to waste their life fighting corruption and fixing the infrastructure? Or you want them to invest their time building intelligent machines, finding the cure for incurable diseases, creating masterpieces or visiting other planets?

Transylvania Beyond’ is part of the solution. We are committed to use all our creativity to build a strong brand that will put this region on the map. Let’s make it big, Transylvania!

If you’re interested in becoming a partner, let us know. We’re happy to have you in the project.