Welcome To Transylvania, Romania, European Union



From the colorful Saxon villages with their imposing fortified churches, to the legacy of the Szekely people, and the thriving Romanian traditions, Transylvania is a diverse and complex land, rich in history and culture.

Beautiful landscapes, historic castles, medieval cities, authentic traditional villages, Transylvania has it all.

Transylvania is a region of beautiful landscapes and rich wildlife, but its cities can be just as impressive. From the vibrant cultural life of Cluj to the charming city center and  natural surroundings of Brasov, from the cobblestone streets and baroque buildings of Sibiu to the glorious Art Nouveau architecture of Oradea, cities in Transylvania are definitely worth your attention.

Probably the best known elements of Saxon heritage are all the fortified churches in Romania, some of which were inducted in the UNESCO World Heritage for their great cultural and historical value. 

Transylvania is home to the seven fortified towns built by the Saxons in the Middle Ages, when they settled in the area. Cities like Sibiu and Sighisoara are among the best preserved medieval towns in Europe, while the larger Cluj and Brasov offer many touristic attractions of their own

Transylvania is a diverse and complex land, rich in history and culture. Discover the ethnogeographical areas, lands of well preserved traditional lifestyle, natural attractions and historic monuments.

Some of the greatest natural parks in Europe are located in Transylvania or right across the Carpathian Mountains, the mountain range that separates Transylvania from the other traditional regions of Romania. Here are some of the greatest natural parks to visit in Transylvania.

Through their great historic, cultural, and spiritual value, Romanian cathedrals and churches are some of the country’s most treasured monuments. Here’s a list of some of the finest ones from Transylvania

Maramures is truly a 'wood civilization' and nowhere is that more visible than in its wooden churches. Piercing the sky with their tall, pointy steeples, these monuments are the expression of a community that lives in harmony with nature.

Located in the heart of Romania, in the protective embrace formed by the curving range of the Carpathians, Tara Barsei offers old churches, imposing castles, and beautiful natural areas.