Welcome To Transylvania, Romania, European Union

Top Medieval Towns in Transylvania


Located in the hilly heartland of Romania, Alba Iulia is one of the oldest cities in the country. The settlement is surrounded by the scenic Apuseni Mountains in the northwest and the Transylvanian Plateau in the east. 

Brasov is considered the most important touristic city of Romania, thanks to its rich historic architecture, charming city center, beautiful natural surroundings, and many attractions located within a short drive from the city.

Bistrita, the capital city of the Bistrita-Nasaud County still maintains a medieval appearance in some areas, thanks to the beautiful houses that local merchants built in the 13th and 14th centuries.

The unofficial capital of Transylvania, Cluj is a historical city, a beacon of culture, and a vibrant student town. Whether you’re interested in monuments or nightclubs, in greenery or modern art, you’ll likely find Cluj a place worth visiting and getting to know in depth

Lovely Fagaras, located on the northern foothills of the majestic Fagaras Mountains, is the gate to the highest peaks in Romania.

The city of Medias is one of the Seven Citadels of Transylvania, the seven fortified towns built by the Saxons in the Middle Ages, when they settled in the area spurred by the economic and political privileges conferred on them by the Hungarian kingdom.

Located in the heart of Romania, in Mures County, Sighisoara is regarded as one of the most exquisite places in the country. The cobbled streets will take you to the medieval world of the Saxon citadel, kindly inviting you to explore the town’s magic beauty. 

In 2007, Sibiu was designated the European Capital of Culture, along with the city of Luxembourg. Sibiu was also included in a top of the best places to live in Europe, thanks to its charming appearance and idyllic surroundings.