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Top Destinations in Tara Barsei


The beginnings of Bran are lost in the mists of history. Scholars say that its founding is tied to the Order of the Teutonic Knights, a medieval military order that settled in the area and built a wooden fort to defend the nearby mountain pass. The fort, however, was short-lived, being destroyed by the invading Mongols in 1242. 

Rasnov is close to Poiana Brasov (12 kilometers) and Brasov (18 kilometers), and is well worth a visit, for its citadel and other historic landmarks, but also for the beautiful views that can be admired in the region.

Harman is a village located about ten kilometers east of Brasov, well-known for its fortified church, built in the 13th century. 

Poiana Brasov, on the outskirts of beautiful Brasov, is Romania’s premiere alpine resort and one of the best places in the country for winter sports, but also hiking, sightseeing, and other outdoors activities.
With a rich assortment of hotels and chalets, and with Brasov nearby for more accommodation and entertainment options, Poiana Brasov is a great destination for the perfect mountain holiday.

Located in Brasov County, on the foothills of the Codlea Hill, the town of Codlea is as old as the Black Citadel (Cetatea Neagra), the fortress built by Teutonic Knights in this area in the 13th century.

Situated in the Southern Carpathians on 14,700 hectares of breathtaking scenery spanning the Arges and Brasov counties, the Piatra Craiului National Park is made up of three distinct areas – the Piatra Craiului Ridge, the Rucar-Bran Passage, and the Rucar-Zarnesti area.

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