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Top Traditional Areas
in Transylvania


The Nasaud area is a traditional area located around the city of Bistrita, known for its historic monuments, well preserved traditional lifestyle, and beautiful natural attractions.

The Motilor Land or ‘the Land of Stone’ is an ethno geographical region located in the western part of Romania, in the Apuseni Mountains, and traversed by the Aries and Crisul Alb rivers. It comprises parts of the counties of Hunedoara, Cluj, Alba, Arad, and Bihor.

The Land of Hateg is the cradle of Romanian civilization, a place where nature and man have coexisted harmoniously for millennia.

The Land of Fagaras (Tara Fagarasului) refers to the ethno-geographical region that is surrounded by the Fagaras Mountains and Olt Valley. Situated in the heart of Romania, north of the Carpathians, the area is important for its cultural and historical heritage, as well as for its pristine natural environment.

A land of impressive mountainous landscapes and lush valleys sprinkled with small villages, Maramures is regarded as one of the most beautiful and distinctive regions in Europe. 

The rich history and the strong attachment of the locals to their customs and traditions make The Outskirts of Sibiu (Marginimea Sibiului) an attraction for anyone interested in the traditional lifestyle of Romanians.

Mostly inhabited by a Hungarian-speaking ethnic group called Szekely (secui), Szekely Land has a distinctive history and culture and traditions of its own.